The International Inquiry into 9-11

Phase One, San Francisco, California, March 26-28, 2004

Herbst Theatre, War Memorial and Veterans Building

In addition to the main presentations in the Herbst Theatre, there were presentations, films shown, public dialogues with speakers on topics raised in the program, tabling of resource materials on the second floor of the building.

There were also additional meeting rooms for Inquiry Participants/Speakers engaged in deepening their understanding of 9-11. Truth be told, we had so many film-makers at the event that a few rooms were converted into studios for interviews and over 50 hours of video was recorded from the main presentations/interviews/actions/dialogues, and a Press Conference that preceded the event and that continued until 4 PM Friday Afternoon. Here is more information about the processes we used Open Space. Below are the main Presentations held in the Herbst Theatre which were all recorded (audio and visual) and the audiotapes are already available for purchase via T.U.C. Radio, We want to include links to where video and audio have been posted on the web.(Let us know, if there are any you know about which we might have missed.)

Jan Hoyer's photo album of the event

Video highlights of the Inquiry, including the Press Conference are posted HERE


March 26

Friday Afternoon 3:00- 5:45

3:00-3:10 Welcome. (click on title - for text of the talk that should have been given) Overview of the 9-11 Truth Movement - Carol Brouillet, Inquiry Organizer, activist who organized the delegation on Senator Feinstein's office demanding a Congressional Investigation of 9-11 in January 2002, many marches, rallies, events, and the publishing and distribution of over 3,000,000 Deception Dollars.

3:10-3:25 Report on the Berlin September 11, 2003 Conference. The Questions they raised that still need to be addressed.- Nicholas Levis (organizer of the Berlin September 11, 2003 Conference), Co-Founder of the 9-11 Truth Alliance.

3:25-3:35 Where we are now - Barrie Zwicker (producer of The Great Deception/organizing the Toronto Int'l Inquiry- Phase 2) (MC)

3:35- 4:20 FILM- The Great Deception 44 minutes (latest version with a new segment)

4:20 - 5:05 (click on title - for the original text of Gray's talk.) The Great Endarkenment: Placing 9-11 in the Historical Context of "Barbarism vs. Civilization" The role of oil and other resources that have long driven international relations and covert operations. The monopolization of information by the few to move the many. The Mexican-, Spanish-, and Philippine-American Wars as the preludes to "Star Wars" and the "conquest of space." The burning of the Baghdad libraries and the erasure of humanity's memory.Gray Brechin Author of "Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin," "Farewell, Promised Land: Waking from the California Dream" (with Robert Dawson), and much more.

5:05 - 5:45 The question of the links between the Bush family and the Nazis. The neocons in the Bush administration -- Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Luti, Shulsky, and so forth -- as the heirs to the pro-Nazi philosophy of Leo Strauss. Webster Tarpley, author of The Unauthorized biography of George H. W. Bush.


Friday Evening 7:15- 9:30

7:15- 7:25 Reichstag Fire, song by David Rovics (click here for video clip posted at the indymedia site)

7:25 - 7:55 Film Clip- The '93 WTC attacks- the men convicted- all Al Qaeda/CIA Operatives under the direction of the FBI

The CIA connection to the bombers of the World Trade Center in 1993----how all of them, except the the FBI informant planted in the group, had been on the CIA payroll in Afghanistan fighting the Soviets before they settled in the New York area. Examining events involving entrapment of FBI infiltrated groups where then FBI informant planted on so-called terrorist groups is actually the person who organises and is the key individual in the commission of the crime. The CIA techniques on Psychological Operations for Guerilla Warfare. In short how our government creates "terrorists" and crimes for their political agenda. Joseph A. Calhoun, broadcast journalist, (He contributed to the Academy Award winning documentary "The Panama Deception")

7:55-8:25 The history of false-flag operations and provocateurs to achieve covert ends and the rise of the martial state. The Fingerprints of a Special Operation- What Didn't Happen Mark Taylor. A native San Franciscan who graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in political science and American history, Mark also has an MA in education from SFSU and worked on his doctorate at the University of Kansas. He has been a junior college instructor, an adjunct professor, and a high school teacher for the last thirty years. Mark has specialized as a researcher on the Kennedy assassination and delivered the keynote address at the grassy knoll in Dallas for JFK Lancer on the fortieth anniversary of the President's assassination.

8:25 - 8:55 The Failure of the Military to defend the U.S. and its own headquarters on 9-11- A look at the timeline of the crime. Michael C. Ruppert, From the Wilderness Publications, Since 9-11-01 he has been the point man in breaking major stories involving government foreknowledge, corruption, and violations of the Constitution.

8:55 - 9:05 Excerpt from the film- Arsenal of Hypocrisy

9:05 - 9:30 Blueprint for World Domination: General Myers, Donald Rumsfeld and their objectives (largest reorganisation of U.S. military in history- militarization of space). Who had foreknowledge of the attacks? How could specific forewarnings been given to key people? Was this an "intelligence failure"? What is wrong with the national command response to these attacks, from Bush down to the key military and NORAD commands? Project for a New American Century- perpetual war and the rise of a militarized state. Because of computerization, robotics and mechanization we now have superfluous populations around the world. Rather than share the diminishing resources (oil, water, etc) the power structure intends to impose a new 21st century form of feudalism that will insure maximum corporate profits and minimum social progress for the people of the Earth. In order to "control and dominate" the growing legions of "have-nots," new high-tech space technologies will be utilized and a fast moving military will be forward deployed to new smaller "lilly pad" bases in global hot spots. Key regions that have resources, yet under corporate control, will also see new bases established. China and Russia will be militarily surrounded and contained. In order to pay for this perpetual war cut backs in human needs spending will be necessary in all the "industrial" or "first world" societies. Bruce Gagnon- Coordinator of the Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons & and Nuclear Power in Space. Between 1983 – 1998 Bruce was the State Coordinator of the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice and has worked on space issues for over 20 years.

(9:30-? on the second floor) Mini- Concert by David Rovics Musican, the "heart and soul of the Global Justice movement," David has sung at most of the major protests over the past several years.

March 27

Saturday Morning 9:00a.m.- 11:45a.m.

9:00 - 9:10 Update on the attack upon civil rights in this country, and what people are doing against it. Riva Enteen (National Lawyer's Guild), newly elected Chairman of the Pacifica local Board (she has to chair a meeting this morning- so will return for dialogue on Sunday morning). Currently working on the National Campaign to Impeach Bush. She will also introduce one of the key activist tools to raising consciousness about 9-11-

9:10 - 9:48 FILM-Guerrilla News Network's Aftermath- Unanswered Questions from 9-11

9:48-10:18 Examining the pattern of the post-9/11 'war on terror' and its continuity with us foreign policies in the cold war and post-cold war periods. This pattern is rooted in a particular conception of national security which seeks to protect not the nation and its people, but rather the transnational flows of us capital and the functioning of the capitalist world economy. National Security has provided a pretext for perpetual war, war against 'communism' (cold war), war against rogue states (post-cold war) and war against the transnational nexus of wmd, rogue states and terror networks (post-9/11). In reality this war is directed largely at crushing indigenous development strategies around the world in order to impose social, political and economic structures in accordance with sustaining elite interests. Throughout this continuum, the imperial strategic framework underpinning us foreign policies has remained fundamentally static, while the nature of the external 'security threats' has shifted in accordance with major gepolitical transformations. The 'security threat', ultimately, is largely an ideological projection designed to legitimize perpetual war, and 9/11 provided the ideal conditions by which to construct an 'endless enemy', thus paving the way for the infinite 'war on freedom.' Nafeez Ahmed (Author of The War on Freedom- How and Why America was Attacked on September 11, 2001 and Behind the War on Terror: Western Secret Strategy and the Struggle for Iraq ).

10:18-10:40 Snowshoe Films- Disarming the War Agenda, with Professor Michel Chossudovsky, author of War and Globalization- The Truth behind September 11, 2001 and the author of the international best-seller "The Globalisation of Poverty " published in eleven languages. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Center for Research on Globalization which hosts the critically acclaimed website: He is the 2003 Recipient of the Human Rights Prize of the Society for the Protection of Civil Rights and Human Dignity, Berlin, Germany. His primary research on 9-11 has been crucial to the entire 9-11 Truth movement. He will look at the larger picture, the global economic forces behind war.

10:40-11:05 The Role of Pakistan in 9/11 and Possible US Government Connections There is ample evidence that the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, played a key role in the 9/11 plot. There are even reports that the head of the ISI ordered money to head hijacker Mohamed Atta. Yet media coverage and general interest in this link has been piecemeal at best. What was Pakistan's role, and how could it implicate elements of the US government? It is widely acknowledged that the Taliban, Afghanistan's hosts for al-Qaeda, were puppets of the ISI. Less well known are the many direct links between the ISI and al-Qaeda. But there are also important ties between the ISI and CIA. The two agencies worked closely together to aid the Afghan mujahedeen in the 1980's in their fight against the Soviet Union. The two agencies became deeply involved in the drug trade at the same time. Have these ISI-CIA ties ever been broken? Could the CIA have known what the ISI knew about 9/11 or even worked on the plot together? Why was the head of the ISI in Washington, DC and meeting with top US officials on the morning of 9/11, and even discussing bin Laden at the very moment the World Trade Center was first hit? Paul Thompson, is the author of the 9/11 Timeline, an on-line database of mainstream articles on 9/11 organized into a timeline format. A book based on this timeline will be released later this year.

11:05-11:25 The Role of Drugs in Covert Wars/the global economy. Sander Hicks Founder, Former Publisher of Soft Skull Press, Inc.(who published "Fortunate Son- George W. Bush and the Making of an American President"), Founder/CEO of Drench Kiss Media Corporation

11:25 - 11:45 Excerpt from new documentary- Liberty Bound

11:45 - 1:15 Lunch Break

Saturday Afternoon 1:15 p.m.- 5:15 p.m.

1:15 - 1:40 Excerpt from documentary- The End of Suburbia-Oil Depletion and The Collapse of The American Dream

1:40 - 2:10 Examining the Motives and the Means behind 9-11/ and the U.S. Response to it. In a word "Oil..." and the implications Michael Ruppert (From the Wilderness), Since 9-11-01 he has been the point man in breaking major stories involving government foreknowledge, corruption, and violations of the Constitution.

2:10 -2:40 Oil, Iraq, and the War on Terror. The events of 9-11 were facilitated by persons highly placed within the US government. What was their motive? This can best be discerned by looking backward from the present: what have the governing elites actually done since 9-11, based on the mandate of public opinion that the events created? Answer: nations have been invaded and numerous permanent military bases constructed—in two regions crucial for global oil supply. All of this is occurring as official petroleum reserves are coming under question, and signs are appearing that world oil production may reach its historic peak within the next one to five years. Examining the most recent compelling evidence that we are entering the beginning stages of a global energy famine and resource war—of which 9-11 was merely the opening salvo.Richard Heinberg Author of War, Oil and the Fate of Industrial Societies, New Society publishers 2003. He is a journalist, educator, editor, and lecturer, and a Core Faculty member of New College of California, where he teaches courses on "Energy and Society" and "Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community."

2:40 - 3:10 THE 9/11 COVER-UP COMMISSION: How the Foxes are Guarding the Chicken Coop The "independent" commission and its commissioners perpetuate the Bush administration's official story that a guy with a long white beard living in a cave in Afghanistan masterminded 9/11 surprising the $40 billion a year U.S. intelligence community. The administration has abused the 9/11 families who fought for the commission to find the truth about what happened on 9/11. The commissioners have ties to the parties they are mandated to investigate including the CIA, the bin Ladens, and the Bush administration. Since cover-up is another way of saying obstruction of justice, legal and popular action must now supplant the pseudo "official" investigation. Joyce Lynn, Journalist, editor of Political Diary, an online newsletter, and founder of the Pink Rose Society, committed to wedding truth and consciousness.

3:10 - 3:20 Film clip of- An interview with Mohammed Atta's girlfriend

3:20 - 3:50 Deconstructing the official myth- A critical look at - Mohammed Atta, who was this guy? and who funded him? Daniel Hopsicker , Investigative Journalist- Author of Adventures in Terrorland - Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-up & Florida , producer of the Mohammed Atta and The Flying Circus video, author of Barry and the Boys- a damning look at the involvement of the government with drug smuggling.

3:50 - 4:30 What happened at Building#7 and to the WTC Towers? Jim Hoffman, Webmaster of

4:30 - 5:00 What did hit the Pentagon? Does it matter? Does it help us to answer the big questions- Who was responsible? and Why? Jerry Russell (Computer Scientist, Webmaster of

Saturday Evening 6:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m.

6:30 - 6:50 Guerrilla News Network's new film- an excerpt focused on Flight #93

6:50 - 7:15 Top 9-11 Anomalies altogether… Ian Woods Editor of Global Outlook

7:15 - 7:30 FILM-Clip-Guerrilla News Network's The Most Dangerous Game- Mind Control

7:30 - 8:00 Skull and Bones- The Power of Secret Societies-The meta-message/psychological impact of 9-11 Kris Millegan (publisher of Trine Day Books, Editor of Fleshing Out Skull and Bones-Investigations into America's Most Powerful Secret Society)

8:00 - 8:45 9-11-State of Terror-

The creation of demonic figures;9-11 as a false flag Operation;the inevitable next attacks;the critical role of Israel and the Mossad; the abiding hand of US Intelligence; the state as a class instrument. Ralph Shoenman Producer of Taking Aim- WBAI Radio Program. Ralph was Secretary General of the International Tribunal on U.S. War Crimes in Indochina. He spent seven months in Bolivia in 1967 and was imprisoned there after the death of Che Guevara. He worked with Malcolm X with respect to the battle for the Congo and in the anti-imperialist struggle in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. He negotiated the release of political prisoners in many countries. He has been actively involved in the international resistance to imperialism and the worker's movement in the U.S. (click here to hear audio from the event posted at indymedia)

8:45 - 9:30 Militarizing domestic rule; Operation Garden Plot and the Northern Command; Control of hospitals and forced vaccination;Setting the stage for military rule. Mya Shone Co-Producer of Taking Aim, an economist with a long history as an activist involved in political, community and labor issues. She worked closely with both Casa Nicaragua and Casa El Salvador during the struggles taking place in Central America, was the coordinator of the Tri-County (Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo) Labor Party chapter, was a founder of and on the steering committee of Health Care for All-California, a member of an international steering committee organizing campaigns against exploitation and in defense of workers' rights, and was a co-coordinator of the International Conference for Trade Union Independence and Democratic Rights that took place in San Francisco in 2000.

March 28

Sunday Morning 10:00 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

Breaking the Media Myths- the Truth about Afghanistan- 9/11 was the pretext for the world's richest nation to attack one of the world's poorest nations...

10:00 - 10:20 a clip from- the Woman in Exile Returns

The film features Sima Wali, President of Refugee Women in Development- (RefWID), Inc. She is an Afghan living in exile in the United States.

10:20 - 11:00 Afghanistan was the largest covert CIA operation in history. Unravelling the roots of Afghanistan's terrible travail, and revealing its awesome significance for the world at large. The Bush administration's ideological approach and support for hated warlords, has positioned the American effort as a virtual enemy of civil society in the eyes of the Afghan people. By day the extremist warlords function as allies of the US’s war on terror while leaving the majority of Afghans terrorized by these same brutish forces who rape and pillage by night. From Alexander the Great to the British Empire, to the Soviet Union, Afghanistan's roads are maps of the rise and fall of empires and the path of Western Civilization. And now, the United States has been added to the list. Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald A husband and wife team, Liz and Paul began their experience in Afghanistan when they were the first American journalists to acquire permission to enter behind Soviet lines in 1981. They covered that story first for CBS News and produced a one hour documentary, Afghanistan Between Three Worlds, for PBS. In 1983 they returned to Kabul with Harvard Negotiation project leader Roger Fisher for ABC Nightline and contributed to the MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour. Since 1998 they have collaborated with Afghan human rights expert Sima Wali on Afghan focused projects including articles and lectures. Most recently they contributed along with Wali to the Women for Afghan Women: Shattering Myths and Claiming the Future book project published by Palgrave October, 2002. As the first Americans journalists to get deeply inside the story they not only got a view of an unappreciated Afghan life, but a revelatory look at how the US defined itself against the veil of Superpower confrontation. This led to understanding the Zoroastrian war of the light against the dark and how its origins in Afghanistan still permeate Washington's official policy. They published Afghanistan the End of Illusion September 2001, detailing the American political back story that lead to the Soviet invasion. A book they are researching, the Apostle's Diary, describes their evolution from journalists to Apostles of Afghanistan. It will explain why it was inevitable that the U.S. should end up in Afghanistan, the ancient home of the Western Dream. Another book they are researching, A Clockwork Afghanistan, will map out the basics from ancient history to current geo-politics.

11:00 - 11:30 "The 9/11 Conspiracies--A Familiar Pattern"

Unveiling discoveries detailed in "Inside Job: Unmasking the 9-11 Conspiracies, "a comprehensive journalistic account that features encyclopedic research into US black ops, cabals, and conspiracies in historical context. The book which was written under contract for HarperCollins, passed legal review (under a different title), and received extensive editorial support, but was cancelled suddenly in early 2003 with little explanation by the publisher. A small publishing House, Origin Press, will bring it out in June. Jim Marrs is the NYT best-selling author of "Rule By Secrecy" and "Crossfire:The Plot That Killed Kennedy"--a key source for Oliver Stone's movie "JFK."

11:30 - 12:00 Making a case in the Court of Law-

Ellen Mariani (wife of 9-11 victim suing President Bush and other officials under the RICO Act for their prior knowledge, failure to act, prevent or warn of 9-11; and ongoing obstruction of justice by covering up the truth of 9-11 in violation of the laws of the United States). Her attorney - Phil Berg, former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Sunday Afternoon 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

2:00 - 2:30 Psychological Aspects of 9-11-

9-11 was a psychological operation to achieve maximum mind control impact. The challenges to the 9-11 Truth movement are also psychological- people do not WANT to believe the truth. The mass media are complicit and an obstacle to reaching large numbers of people- solutions will be explored. Ken Jenkins With a background in engineering and psychology, Ken wisely applies his knowledge to unraveling the mysteries of 9-11. He works as a video producer, editor and graphics creator, and aspires to create the definitive 9-11 video.

2:30 - 5:15 Findings from the 9-11 International Inquiry- moderated by Carol Brouillet (speakers/lines of Inquiry to be determined by the participants)

Proposed Action Plan-(to be determined by Participants of the Inquiry)

5:15 - 6:00 International Inquiry into 9-11 Phase Two- Barrie Zwicker, Ian Woods and Blaine Machan


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